How to Join ROCK

 Registration procedure.

  • Read the constitution and the FAQs.
  • Download the registration form and fill in your details.
  • Provide copies of your identification and PIN number

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Why invest in ROCK?

  • Shared values- Most of the Diaspora hope to have a secure and diversified investment for self and dependants.
  • Flexible investment/payment plans.
  • Strength in numbers-we can get more for less-(bulk land is cheaper than individual plots).
  • A strong and trustworthy leadership team.

Why Invest In Kenya?

  • A well-diversified economy- Not solely dependent on one sector of the economy.Kenya is a becoming a regional hub for international bodies and multinational corporations.
  • Well developed and improving infrastructure roads, railways, Airports Sea ports etc.-Lamu Sea port, Bi Pass roads linking major urban centres.A young and growing population-
  • Demand for affordable and quality housing outstrips supply.
  • Rapid urbanisation- Previously rural areas becoming urban centres Ruiru, Kabati, Naivasha, Isinya ,Kajiado,Konza ,Malili etc.
  • Lower capital gains and inheritance taxes compared to the UK.
  • A growing real estate infrastructure and management services including financial services.
  • Discovery of OIL?


Invest in your future today

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